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Pastor José Galvão   2016-08-29

Timothy Nlmission   2016-08-24

I have no good to boast of and my insufficiencies often stand out more than most. All the efforts of my flesh to prove otherwise have been futile. But I am able to give absolute thanks for the saving grace of God's righteousness that I met through the gospel of the water and the Spirit.
The only true significant change in my life has been when I met the Gospel of the water and the Spirit and came to understand it and believe it. That change being; that my heart, once full of sin, has been made sinless through knowing my Redeemer and it being confirmed in my heart that my sins were indeed taken away when Jesus went to meet John the Baptist at the River Jordan (Matthew 3:13-14) and was baptised by him.
I too, had to meet John the Baptist in order that I could accept my Saviour Jesus Christ. Through this I came to realise that the gospel of the Cross alone is a fallacy without the fulfilment of God's righteousness when John met Jesus (Matthew 3:15) in order that the gates of heaven to be opened to us through Him (Matthew 3:16-17).
I am grateful to God that I met the gospel of the water and the Spirit, lest my life be only be dictated, day-by-day, step by step, either by the recklessness of my mistakes or my ability to be careful in matters of this world (born out of my inherent nature and my knowledge of sin), only to still meet the Judgement at the other end (Hebrews 9:27).
I'm thankful to God for the nourishment through reading the books and I'm joyous inside my heart for the opportunities to preach this gospel face-to-face with people I meet. Beyond that there is little I can do unless by God's utilisation of me as a vessel (1 Kings 18:1).
God bless.

Sarah Nartey   2016-08-16

"Deliver those who are drawn
toward death,
And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter"

With a week off from work for the girls, good health for me, and good weather, we are blessed to be able to visit even more different areas distributing the FREE Christian books from The New Life Mission. www.bjnewlife.org

None of this could be possible without God, and without the example of you all who are doing the exact same work in your country, including prayers, translation work and internet preaching.

God bless us all, provide all we need to continue this work, and raise up more co-workers to help when the harvest is fully come.

Stephen Ngothe   2016-08-14

Numerous people have been possessed by demons through the teachings of the false prophets. People like this reject the gospel of the water and the spirit. We should be well aware that the said christianity helps demons to do works in every ones soul through their means called the layings on hands. Let us all join together and spread the true gospel of the water and the spirit to every corner before the coming of the pale horse. Because most of the people never heard about this true gospel.
Even satan works through them like fortuneteller.

Christopher Chibale   2016-08-07

Once we know Jesus Christ correctly,you and I can clothe ourselves with every blessing.Therefore,unless one has the correct understanding of Jesus Christ,his faith is really a false one.To truly believe in something,one must know the object of his faith clearly.'Knowledge precedes faith,and the latter is a consequence of the former.Those who believe in Jesus Christ without understanding Him correctly as the true Saviour who has come by the gospel of the water,blood and the Spirit do not really believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Samuel Phiri   2016-07-23

I have received the free christian books .
Today this morning .I will study more and make great use of them to the glory of God.
May God bless New life mission .

Jane Montalvo   2016-07-19

Hello Brethren! Let's keep spreading God's Word for the expansion of His kingdom. Pls. also include Philippines in your prayers. Thank you and God bless us all

Peter Koinange   2016-07-12

I thank God, I have finally received the long waited books. Free Christian Books, that preaches the only truth of our salvation. The gospel of the water and the Spirit. www.nlmkenya.com

Gerson Elias de Carvalho   2016-07-11

A pior mentira, e distorção do diabo, foi dizer para o mundo que Jesus foi batizado por João batista pra nos dar exemplo! Ele inventou esta mentira porque sabe que o verdadeiro sentido do batismo de Jesus é o único caminho para o reino de Deus que leva as pessoas a nascerem de novo da água, e do espírito. (João 3:5, 1João5:6) . Clique no link abaixo, e veja a verdade do batismo de Jesus!
The New Life Mission - Estudos da Bíblia

George Obare   2016-07-04

The books are securely kept, awaiting for supply to the hungry souls in Kenya. These are pure seeds, we must sow them on every kind of field, whether thorny, or rocky or good soil, my prayer is that God may prepare good soils to receive the seeds that will mature and bear fruits. May God bless the NLM family, all coworkers around the globe, may He supply us with all our needs for the gospel ministry and even for our daily wants. Amen.

Timothy Nlmission   2016-06-25

Are there any Co-workers in USA, near to New York State?
I’ve just had a telephone call from a man named Ryan, phoning from America. He has read some of the books and has been trying to get in contact, through the New Life Mission website, with other believers in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, for the purpose of fellowship. I have his details if anyone from his country can get in touch with him. He is not on Facebook. All praises and glory to God that this gentleman has got in touch with one of us, it is amazing how God works.

Gabriel Nera Abidha   2016-06-19

I feel very bad when I hear of someone who is registered as a co-worker and mayb he profess to Believe in the gospel of water and the holy spirit and yet he sells the mission books.Those books are to be given out freely to the lost souls.Shame on them!

Charles Baldwin   2016-06-13

Baptism- Our Lord Jesus Took all Our sins on his body where did the lamb of God receive those sins
The Cross Jesus bearing them all
resurrection Our Lord delivered us to newness of life
is this the three that bears witness on earth The Water the Spirit The Blood

Jane Montalvo   2016-06-01

Michaela Zaldivar   2016-05-25

Who distributed books in amharic and english in Ethiopia or is near the Sidama Zone? God bless you all.

Samuel Phiri   2016-05-24

Any co-worker from kitwe,zambia.
Someone in kitwe town zambia need a book also.was motivated when I shared the gospel and also when saw some People on my timeline with free copies.so If there is co-worker from kitwe zambia you can call me on this line so that I give you details of a person who need a book

Sarah Nartey   2016-05-19

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Please let us pray for these workmen. They had a cup of tea and listened while I gave a brief introduction to who God says we human beings are (Mark7:20-23)and thus why we all need to be born again of water and the Spirit (John3:5).
The man on the left, when I gave them all Book1 said "Oh!! I already have one of these books at home already!" (Book2)
It is SO wonderful to know just how far and wide the seeds of Truth through the NLM books are being spread around the world!
The man in the middle (Hayden) asked for some books to take and distribute to his colleagues. They work for a Christian charity; "Mustard Tree".
God bless all their reading of His Truth of salvation, and may they come to have faith as small as a mustard seed to be truly born again of water and the Spirit.

BeAny Uric Nartey   2016-05-12

1John 3:17_24 but whoever has this world's goods,and sees his brother in need,and shuts up his heart from him,how does the love of God abide in him?my little children,let us not love in word or in tongue,but in deed and in truth.And by this we know that we are of the truth,and shall assure our hearts before him.For if our heart condemns us,God is greater than our heart,and knows all things.beloved,if our heart does not condemns us,we have confidence towards God.And whatever we ask we received from him,because we keep his commandment and do those things that are pleasing in his sights.And this is his commandment:that we should believe on the name of his son Jesus Christ and love one another,as he gave us commandment,now he who keeps his commandment abide in him,and he in him.And by this we know that he abides in us,by the spirit whom he has given us.because the holy spirit reigns in our hearts that we love one another.the driving force of this ability for us to love God and to love each other is generated from our faith in the gospel of the water and the spirit.

Gerson Elias de Carvalho   2016-05-10

Domingo eu fui abastecer o ministério do meu irmão na fé Jaime Martins Dos Santos com livros pro seu ministério do reino de Deus! Que Deus continue a te abençoar meu querido irmão Jaime, vamos continuar com esta bela missão do reino de Deus para salvar vidas com o poderoso evangelho da remissão de pecados, (O evangelho da água, e do espírito). Aleluias! Glórias ao santo nome do Deus todo poderoso que nos salvou dos nossos pecados com o poderoso evangelho da água, e do espírito! www.nlmbrasil.com

Yusuke Higashikawa   2016-05-05

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
"If you allow yourself to be weak-hearted even as you believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, then you will end up surrendering to the opponents of the righteousness of God. This is actually what happened to many weak-hearted saints. So we must never allow our faith to become weak. It’s not only a grave sin for our hearts to be weakened before God, but it will also turn us into His enemies. Far from praising the righteousness of God, such weak-hearted people will end up turning into God’s opponents and eventually stand up against His righteousness. Referring to the Pharisees, the Lord said through the Apostle Paul, “For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted to the righteousness of God” (Romans 10:3). All of us ought to engrave the Word of God in our hearts and stand up to all such hypocritical opponents courageously by faith. It’s a serious mistake for the people of God to be weak-hearted." - Paul C Jong

Peter Koinange   2016-05-04

Is Believing in Jesus As One’s Savior the Same as Believing in the Truth? Or Is It Believing in a Worldly Religion?
What we believe is the gospel Truth of the water and the Spirit and not some worldly religion. Because Jesus is the Savior who delivered us from all the sins of the world, we wear the love of God by believing in Him with all our hearts. The God-spoken gospel of the water and the Spirit, which brings the remission of sin, is the definite Truth of salvation. It is also the just and pure gospel of God that makes our hearts as white as snow.
Jesus has truly saved us by coming to us through the water and the Holy Spirit.

Stephen Ngothe   2016-04-30

The relationship we have with the Lord, starts by believing the word of God and it ends by bearing spirual fruits by faith in God's righteousness, So we need to begin accepting the word of God by obeying it, We can reach the righteousness of God by believing what God calls the truth as truth,This means reaching God's righteousness through accepting God's word by obeying it, Without believing in the righteousness of God, there is no way to have proper faith, (paul c jong book 45) www bjnewlife.org

Aneta NLmission   2016-04-18

We must devote ourselves to the salvation of others rather than seeking our own righteousness.
There are still so many souls, out there all over the world, who have not heard the gospel of the water and the Spirit. People in MANY countries have never heard the gospel of the water and the Spirit, nor had a chance to know God’s righteousness. We must set our minds like the soldiers who are fighting to win the lost souls and nations with the gospel of the water and the Spirit. This mission comes not from coercion, as if we are compelled by force, but it naturally arises in the hearts of those of us in whom the Holy Spirit dwells.
Rev Paul C Jong, Bible Study;

Bryan Rowe   2016-04-17

just finished reading Our LORD Who Becomes the Righteousness of God books 1 and 2. i have also submitted a book review on the website.

Sarah Nartey   2016-04-14

"If we live In the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit."
We thank and give all glory to God for sowing seeds in the town of Stockport.
Please have a woman named Shirley in your prayers who took time out from her shopping to have a conversation with us about the gospel of the water and the Spirit.
In conversation, she had said how she "only has a little bit of sin". Shirley then listened quietly while I explained from the Word, what God tells us our true sinful nature is, and then why we need to believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. She left with our NLM books saying, "I can't wait to have a cup of tea and read these books!"
Also, we pray for 4 men who were distributing cards all about the church they belonged to. They came over to us just before we were packing up to leave, and began boasting in their flesh about how they obeyed God. Even though it began raining heavily, they stood and listened intently as I showed them from the Word, the lies they had said, the true sinful nature of human beings and thus our total incapability of obeying God in that state. As the 'penny began to drop', I went on briefly to speak of why we all need to believe in the righteous works of salvation that Jesus has already perfected through His own baptism, death on the Cross, and resurrection from the dead.
One of the four men left to go to work during our conversation, one was doing his best to argumentatively interrupt the conversation, (until the Holy Spirit brought him to silence) and one silently listened to every single word I said never losing eye contact with me at all. The 'main man' shook my hand and thanked us before they left, with books.
They are in our prayers.
We pray the seeds sown in Stockport are planted firmly and grow, in God's perfect timing. Amen.

Pastor José Galvão   2016-04-12

Tem quadrilhas de estelionatários aplicando golpes!
Eles telefonam se passando por outras pessoas conhecidas, alegando que estão em situações de emergência (tipo carro enguiçado na estrada) e que precisam de dinheiro, convencendo, assim, aquele que lhe atendeu a depositar dinheiro em contas que indicam. Tomem muito cuidado para não cair no golpe!
Sugiro que desligue e telefone para aquele seu conhecido, ou veja se o número que vem no bina é mesmo de um conhecido seu, mas nunca em primeiro momento, sob forte impacto emocional, atenda a solicitação. TODO CUIDADO É POUCO!

Yusuke Higashikawa   2016-04-08

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Recently, some people who believes in the gospel of the water and the Spirit has to share the secular teachings on Facebook. When I see that, then I think "this person truly believes in the true gospel now??"
I wonder if they truly believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit now.
I would like to say to them, "Read the Bible by the faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit ! If not, you never enter into the Kingdom of God !"

George Obare   2016-04-02

When I first met the gospel of water and the spirit, my thoughts were very stubborn. I liked some parts and ignored others. I reluctantly read the books, I kept some under my bed for several months. Yet in my heart I knew something was wrong with my faith. My heart was never filled even after attending numerous church sermons. Several pastors prayed for me to receive the holy spirit, took me to deep waters but my heart still remained empty. I had to search for the truth. I joined one WBS but the same doctrines!. I then joined another institution online, again the same teachings!. As I searched on google, I saw the banner : Free Christian books. I placed a request for book 3. The question of the in dwelling of the holy spirit was my greatest to unearth. But even after receiving this book, I read it, but my thoughts were still way stubborn!. As I continued to hunger for the truth, I came across several other books written by other pastors and read and easily accepted their teaching, but again I was still void and empty. Even though the NLM bk 3 clearly taught me sin, my thoughts still became an enemy. No wonder Jesus said that a man's enemy is a member of his own household!. Pastor John Shin tested my faith by asking some questions, but I answered as was pleasing to my thoughts!. I felt embarrassed by such questions!. Eventually he sent me book 1 & 2. Going through book 2 after book 1 opened my eyes and I had to separate from my church, me and my wife. As I read Moses' story in Acts 7:20-32, I came to realize how Moses thoughts were killed by God. Moses had learned about the Egyptians teachings while in Pharaoh's palace for 40 yrs. However, after defending his fellow Hebrew, he fled to Midian where he stayed for another 40yrs. During this time, God killed the thoughts of Moses that he had learnt in Egypt. He had forgotten his native language, and the teachings of Pharaoh and now could be used by God to save the Israelites..
The Ethiopian eunach had to deny his thoughts and political ego and easily accepted that he didn't understand what he read from the book of Isaiah; he accepted the explanation as given by apostle Phillip. If general Naaman had stuck to his thoughts, he could have died of leprosy.
Human thoughts are their greatest enemy, it is here that Satan works most to stand against God, His Word and his servants.
Had I not forsaken my thoughts, I would have missed this glorious blessings from God, destined to hell. In my thoughts, the teachings from the NLM books were biblical, but they seemed not to march with what I had learnt and heard for ages!. But glory be to God! He still kept plowing my heart with the Gospel of water and the spirit, declaring that whoever the Father has brought me will never get lost!. Ohhh! How I praise God in my soul today!
Again when I read about Jesus' birth, I came to realize how evil human thoughts is. People rejected Mary's spiritual conception simply because it has never been heard in their history!.
Dear brethren, our thoughts remains our greatest enemy, a member of our own household!. Trusting in His word even if it doesn't fit our thoughts and situations is the best we can do!
Pastor George Obare
Nairobi, Kenya.

Peter Koinange   2016-03-26

Once we believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, we must realize how valuable it is, and we must try to keep it.
Since there are those who are trying to snatch it away from us, to protect our treasure, we must pay the price of sacrifice.

Arnaldo G. Bispo de Oliveira   2016-03-23

Ninguém pode seguir a justiça do Senhor se não conhecer a importância do batismo de Jesus pelas mãos de João Batista, ai estão o segredo do verdadeiro nascimento e salvação
peça livros cristãos gratuitos, pois foram estes livros que mostrou mim e meus irmãos esta verdade escondida na bíblia sobre a importância do batismo de Jesus.

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