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Aneta NLmission   2016-04-18

We must devote ourselves to the salvation of others rather than seeking our own righteousness.
There are still so many souls, out there all over the world, who have not heard the gospel of the water and the Spirit. People in MANY countries have never heard the gospel of the water and the Spirit, nor had a chance to know God’s righteousness. We must set our minds like the soldiers who are fighting to win the lost souls and nations with the gospel of the water and the Spirit. This mission comes not from coercion, as if we are compelled by force, but it naturally arises in the hearts of those of us in whom the Holy Spirit dwells.
Rev Paul C Jong, Bible Study;

Bryan Rowe   2016-04-17

just finished reading Our LORD Who Becomes the Righteousness of God books 1 and 2. i have also submitted a book review on the website.

Sarah Nartey   2016-04-14

"If we live In the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit."
We thank and give all glory to God for sowing seeds in the town of Stockport.
Please have a woman named Shirley in your prayers who took time out from her shopping to have a conversation with us about the gospel of the water and the Spirit.
In conversation, she had said how she "only has a little bit of sin". Shirley then listened quietly while I explained from the Word, what God tells us our true sinful nature is, and then why we need to believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. She left with our NLM books saying, "I can't wait to have a cup of tea and read these books!"
Also, we pray for 4 men who were distributing cards all about the church they belonged to. They came over to us just before we were packing up to leave, and began boasting in their flesh about how they obeyed God. Even though it began raining heavily, they stood and listened intently as I showed them from the Word, the lies they had said, the true sinful nature of human beings and thus our total incapability of obeying God in that state. As the 'penny began to drop', I went on briefly to speak of why we all need to believe in the righteous works of salvation that Jesus has already perfected through His own baptism, death on the Cross, and resurrection from the dead.
One of the four men left to go to work during our conversation, one was doing his best to argumentatively interrupt the conversation, (until the Holy Spirit brought him to silence) and one silently listened to every single word I said never losing eye contact with me at all. The 'main man' shook my hand and thanked us before they left, with books.
They are in our prayers.
We pray the seeds sown in Stockport are planted firmly and grow, in God's perfect timing. Amen.

Pastor José Galvão   2016-04-12

Tem quadrilhas de estelionatários aplicando golpes!
Eles telefonam se passando por outras pessoas conhecidas, alegando que estão em situações de emergência (tipo carro enguiçado na estrada) e que precisam de dinheiro, convencendo, assim, aquele que lhe atendeu a depositar dinheiro em contas que indicam. Tomem muito cuidado para não cair no golpe!
Sugiro que desligue e telefone para aquele seu conhecido, ou veja se o número que vem no bina é mesmo de um conhecido seu, mas nunca em primeiro momento, sob forte impacto emocional, atenda a solicitação. TODO CUIDADO É POUCO!

Yusuke Higashikawa   2016-04-08

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Recently, some people who believes in the gospel of the water and the Spirit has to share the secular teachings on Facebook. When I see that, then I think "this person truly believes in the true gospel now??"
I wonder if they truly believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit now.
I would like to say to them, "Read the Bible by the faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit ! If not, you never enter into the Kingdom of God !"

George Obare   2016-04-02

When I first met the gospel of water and the spirit, my thoughts were very stubborn. I liked some parts and ignored others. I reluctantly read the books, I kept some under my bed for several months. Yet in my heart I knew something was wrong with my faith. My heart was never filled even after attending numerous church sermons. Several pastors prayed for me to receive the holy spirit, took me to deep waters but my heart still remained empty. I had to search for the truth. I joined one WBS but the same doctrines!. I then joined another institution online, again the same teachings!. As I searched on google, I saw the banner : Free Christian books. I placed a request for book 3. The question of the in dwelling of the holy spirit was my greatest to unearth. But even after receiving this book, I read it, but my thoughts were still way stubborn!. As I continued to hunger for the truth, I came across several other books written by other pastors and read and easily accepted their teaching, but again I was still void and empty. Even though the NLM bk 3 clearly taught me sin, my thoughts still became an enemy. No wonder Jesus said that a man's enemy is a member of his own household!. Pastor John Shin tested my faith by asking some questions, but I answered as was pleasing to my thoughts!. I felt embarrassed by such questions!. Eventually he sent me book 1 & 2. Going through book 2 after book 1 opened my eyes and I had to separate from my church, me and my wife. As I read Moses' story in Acts 7:20-32, I came to realize how Moses thoughts were killed by God. Moses had learned about the Egyptians teachings while in Pharaoh's palace for 40 yrs. However, after defending his fellow Hebrew, he fled to Midian where he stayed for another 40yrs. During this time, God killed the thoughts of Moses that he had learnt in Egypt. He had forgotten his native language, and the teachings of Pharaoh and now could be used by God to save the Israelites..
The Ethiopian eunach had to deny his thoughts and political ego and easily accepted that he didn't understand what he read from the book of Isaiah; he accepted the explanation as given by apostle Phillip. If general Naaman had stuck to his thoughts, he could have died of leprosy.
Human thoughts are their greatest enemy, it is here that Satan works most to stand against God, His Word and his servants.
Had I not forsaken my thoughts, I would have missed this glorious blessings from God, destined to hell. In my thoughts, the teachings from the NLM books were biblical, but they seemed not to march with what I had learnt and heard for ages!. But glory be to God! He still kept plowing my heart with the Gospel of water and the spirit, declaring that whoever the Father has brought me will never get lost!. Ohhh! How I praise God in my soul today!
Again when I read about Jesus' birth, I came to realize how evil human thoughts is. People rejected Mary's spiritual conception simply because it has never been heard in their history!.
Dear brethren, our thoughts remains our greatest enemy, a member of our own household!. Trusting in His word even if it doesn't fit our thoughts and situations is the best we can do!
Pastor George Obare
Nairobi, Kenya.

Peter Koinange   2016-03-26

Once we believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, we must realize how valuable it is, and we must try to keep it.
Since there are those who are trying to snatch it away from us, to protect our treasure, we must pay the price of sacrifice.

Arnaldo G. Bispo de Oliveira   2016-03-23

Ninguém pode seguir a justiça do Senhor se não conhecer a importância do batismo de Jesus pelas mãos de João Batista, ai estão o segredo do verdadeiro nascimento e salvação
peça livros cristãos gratuitos, pois foram estes livros que mostrou mim e meus irmãos esta verdade escondida na bíblia sobre a importância do batismo de Jesus.

Sarah Nartey   2016-03-22

Thank you God, thank you all at The New Life Mission for our blessed lives.

Gerson Elias de Carvalho   2016-03-21

Jesus respondeu: Em verdade, em verdade te digo que se alguém não nascer da água e do Espírito, não pode entrar no reino de Deus. (João 3:5) A verdadeira salvação que nos conduz ao reino de Deus, é através do poderoso, e absoluto evangelho da água, e do espírito! (1João 5:6, João 3:5, 1Pedro 3:21). Este é o verdadeiro evangelho da remissão de pecados revelados no batismo, e morte do Senhor Jesus Cristo! Aleluias!!! É nosso maior prazer estarmos trabalhando juntos com (A Missão Nova Vida) pra honra, e glória do Deus vivo que nos salvou do pecado com evangelho da água, e do espírito. http://www.nlmbrasil.com/

Charles Baldwin   2016-03-17

My Joy is have the blessing to have truth told me by God Chosen People of New life Mission The truth of the Water & Spirit The Gospel That our Lord Jesus Christ Gave Us who have been made Righteous cause we take God for his word and be made his people of Royal Priest So when we know we are no longer sinner than we have the gift of the remission of sin The Holy Spirit Reminds us of all things So let go tell other the good news be a blessing Today

Robertto Leitte   2016-03-15

To truly believe in the Gospel of Water and the Spirit .. and to truly understand the Gospel d Water and the Spirit .. you will have the sensitivity to know how much the world and those who dwell in it, are so totally sunk in sin, that you will find that even a single breath, and a simple nod, or even silence, are all great sins before God!
There is no hope, one wants to one man on earth be saved, if not only through the Gospel of Water and the Spirit!

Peter Koinange   2016-03-12

Thanks to God for the gospel of the water and the Spirit, the only truth that can save us from all sins.
Prayer for Ben, I have shared with him this perfect gospel, gave him two sermons. Books he requested for my phone number, which I had already stamped on the book, we did exchange contacts .

Loren Simons   2016-03-04

Evil spirits know well whether we believe in the Truth or not. Don't they know this? They certainly know well about your spiritual condition. That is why you must believe firmly in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit. You must hold fast to this Truth.
You and I are vessels. We are either vessels that the Lord can use or vessels that the Devil uses. Based on who uses us, we will either be honoured or cast away. The Devil uses any vessel and then casts it away and destroys it. On the contrary, God uses us for the great cause and cleanses us to bear more fruit as He said, "Every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit" (John15:2). Even if there is something that is lacking, He renews us with the Gospel of the water and the Spirit and makes us clean. This is the different fates of the two different kinds of vessels.
This is a time when we must be wide awake. This is true. I hope that you feel the same way and agree with me. Hallelujah.
(Book 58 Page 236)
You can order or download this Book 58 or any of the New Life Mission Books here for FREE:

Herine Ogembo   2016-03-03

Greetings Brethrens in the name of Jesus our Lord.
The Lord came by water and blood.He saved us from our sins with his baptism.He took away all our sins when he was baptized and received the vicarious punishment for all our sins by shading His blood .The apostles John,Peter and Paul all togeather talk about Jesus, flesh and blood.They talk about Jesus baptism and his blood on the cross.Matthew 3:13-17 exactly describes Jesus' baptism .Jesus was baptized to make sinners sinless and to wash away all the sins of the world at the Jordan River

Stephen Ngothe   2016-03-02

The thing we must know and absolutely be sure of as the saints of the New Life Mission is that the gospel of our Heavenly Father begins from the minstry of John the Baptists can not really compared with the importance of the ministry of Jesus,
Its bcause the gospel of God started when the Lord took all the sins of this world at once by receiceving the Baptism from the John Baptistis
And after that He complete His gospel by carring our sins to the cross and being ressurected from the dead on the third day,
But according of todays hypocricy christians who holds biblies on the left side of their chests and walk hypocritionary and they us preaching the gospel of the water and the spirit they can not understnd it even they do not pay any attention to it neither,Then thereafter we don't give up we give them free gospel books to read and understand how the God gospel begin,
I think it would be interesting to go right through the Bible and see what has happened while Gods people have been on knees calling upon God As paul and Silas in prison at Pillippi ,As they prayed the Jalier was cornverted, we want to bring people into the kingdom of God www.bjnewlife. org

Jerry Sakala   2016-02-24

Growing in favour with God and men:
By Gods favour my wife and I have had access to give books to the highest ranking Government official of our town (Chingola), the District Commissioner .This has been the second time. Pray with us that we may have access to give the the President of the Republic of Zambia soon

Sarah Nartey   2016-02-22

Greetings all.
Today we walked to two different churches in our local area in time to distribute the NLM cards to the congregation as they left the services.
We thank God that all the congregation who were standing outside of the first church, accepted the cards.
At the second church, we were at the doors distributing the cards to the congregation as they were leaving. Then one of them invited us inside the church, so we went in. The preacher woman invited us to have a cup of tea with them, which we accepted.
This allowed us the opportunity to speak with one member, one minister, and lastly, the woman preacher. The sad common denominator was that they didn't even believe in the truth of the whole Bible as it is written!!
Before we left, we gave a card to every single person there including two more pastors.
We thank God for opening this door, and we pray that they believed the Word of Truth we spoke to them, and visit the NLM website.
(It was a church of England church).

Timothy Nlmission   2016-02-20

The Lord has said that we should love more fervently one another as the end times become more imminent. Since love belongs to God, it is right for us to love one another. It is written in 1 John 2:10, “He who loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him.” If we do not know God’s love, we cannot love one another.

Stephen Ngothe   2016-02-19

am thankful that the men and women who were so mighty in prayer were just like ourselves who believe in the Baptism of Jesus Christ by John when the heaven were opened and the Holy Ghost came upon Him, You will find that their prayers has been the mighty power that has been moved not only to God, but man,Abraham was a man of prayer,and angelas came down from heaven to cornverse with Hin,Jacob's prayer was answered in the wonderful interview at Peniel that resulted in his having such a mighty blessings and in softening the heart of his brother Esau, The child Samuel was given in answer to Hannar's prayer Elijah's prayer closed the heaven for three years and six months and he prayed again the heaven gave rain While reading many books written by Rev Paul C, Jong and studying chronological life of Christ, I found that we had only about sixty two days in His life And it is amazing how much prayer is in it, We read that many times He arose a great while before day and went out into a desert place and there prayed, My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ services, If the saviour had to pray and stay in communion with God, think you and you and i can by without prayer and the righteousness and the walk with GOD? is this the reason God is distant,? Is the reason we have little power? ,The devil is not afraid if prayerless,,But when the family Church of God get together and get down on its knees,!God bless our family members of NLM,

John Mangwita   2016-02-15

It is one year now , when i start to preach the gospel of water and spirit. Many souls have been saved here in malawi. Im very happy to see more co workers here in malawi. The major problem is about false teaching of the good news and the true gospel . Im very happy that some people are knowing the true gospel which the gospel of water and spirit.

Sarah Nartey   2016-02-14

This is Steve, who came to my house to carry out some work.
When he had finished, I offered him a cup of tea. This gave me time and opportunity to begin a conversation with him and plough his heart.
Afterwards, by the grace of God, Steve gladly received book 1.
We pray that Steve actually reads the book, believes in the True message inside, and becomes truly born again of water and the Spirit. Amen.

Yusuke Higashikawa   2016-02-10

Hello, Dear brothers and sisters.
"We the righteous should unite together for the purpose of becoming one with the righteousness of God and serving the righteous gospel that Jesus Christ has Himself completed. As such, we should not unite with those who are carnally minded, but we should instead unite with those who believe in and follow God’s righteousness, and together with others of the same belief obey the will of the Lord.
The most important point that God is making here through the events surrounding the Tower of Babel is this: One shouldn’t unite with carnal people to stand against the saints who believe in the righteousness of God. Even though we are righteous, if we let our human thoughts and emotional attachments mislead us into uniting with worldly people, then our spiritual faith will perish in the end. That’s because if we stand against the righteousness of God, this spells nothing but spiritual death. We should never allow this to happen because we are of those who have faith in the righteousness of God. " - Paul C. Jong

Baldwin   2016-02-06

The Purpose of Jesus' Parables
(Matthew 13:10-17)
10And when he was alone, they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable. 11And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: 12That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.
The Parable of the Sower Explained
(Matthew 13:18-23)
13And he said unto them, Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables? 14The sower soweth the word. 15And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts. 16And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness; 17And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, immediately they are offended. 18And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word, 19And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful. 20And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.

Aneta NLmission   2016-02-04

What is a human being? A human being is a vessel before God. He/she is dust. A man is made of dust. So humankind is a vessel, which can contain God.
Rev Paul C Jong

Stephen Ngothe   2016-02-02

The people who will be cursed by God are those ones who pretend to believe in the righteousness of God even though they do not know it. It is such people whose faith is hypocritical that will be cursed by God The reason why these people have fallen into hypocritical faith is because they do not believe in God will punish hypocrites who do not believe in His righteousness but pretend to believe. Jesus said that the first sort of people to be cursed by God are those who shut up the Kingdom of Heaven from others It is because these people do not believe in the word of God that they are condemned as those who shut the gate of Heaven Despite the fact that God has made it possible for everyone black or white no matter where He/she come from ti receive the remission if sin by finding and believing in the gospel of the water and the spirit some people put up various obstructions to prevent the truth. May God help mark Lweendo to understand the truth of the water and the spirit.

Jerry Sakala   2016-02-01

we must realize that
we are lacking and that we must believe in God. Do not believe
in yourselves, but rather, believe in God. This is the path toward
becoming a disciple of the Lord. Only those who realized
quickly that they are lacking can become the disciples of the
Lord and follow the Lord. With just our own capabilities, we
cannot follow the Lord. With just our own capabilities, we
cannot keep ourselves. With just our own capabilities, we cannot
receive salvation from sins.
If we give up all that is ours and believe in the Lord,
everything becomes possible. We get to become disciples of the
Lord and receive salvation. We get to receive care and blessings
from God for having become His children. I am saying that
everything becomes possible in the Lord.

Instead of Trusting Yourself, Believe in the Word of God
Dear fellow believers, do you want to become a disciple of
the Lord? If you want to become a disciple of the Lord, you
must know that you are of no value. Instead of believing in your
own capabilities, you must believe in the Lord. You must
always empty your heart. Did you and I not face many failures
in trying to do something? I am sure there are many people who
had experienced failures. There must have been many people
who had suffered failures after having fought hard with their
mouth tightly closed and with the thought that they could do
things with their own strength. Today’s sermon isn’t just a
simple doctrine. I am telling you that we human beings are truly
nothing. I am telling you that having faith in God is the only
thing that is perfect. I am telling you that only when we believe
in the Lord, we will become perfect.

Bryan Rowe   2016-01-29

It is written in Romans 5:3-4 that, “And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.” All born-again Christians have the hope that God will surely save them from all kinds of tribulations. This hope produces perseverance and perseverance produces character. Therefore, the righteous, who believe in God’s righteousness, rejoice even in times of tribulations. Paul said that the faith in God’s righteousness hopes for God’s Kingdom and it does not disappoint the hope. What kind of hope does the righteous have? They have the hope by which they can enter and live in the Kingdom of God. Where does this kind of faith come from? It comes from believing in the righteousness of Jesus Christ through Father God’s love.

Eric Kobina Woode   2016-01-28

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness". 1 John 1:9!
Truly I am an apostle of the true gospel of water and the spirit. His baptism and His death on the cross. Glory! Ghana on the move!

Joselito Echavez   2016-01-28

If our hearts are not changed, following GOD’s righteousness is unpleasant and difficult. We rebel against being told how to live. The Holy Spirit, however, gives us new desires. HE helps us want to obey GOD’s righteousness [Philippians 2:12, 13]. With new hearts, we find that serving GOD is our greatest Joy.

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